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Objectives of East Riding of Yorkshire Council & Goole Town

  • Stronger and safer communities – including community cohesion and partnership working

  • Improving environment and regeneration

  • Healthcare and wellbeing – including improving older people’s lives

  • Addressing the needs of children and young people – including safeguarding


The East Riding of Yorkshire is the largest unitary authority in England by area, covering 2,479 square kilometres. It is the second largest non-metropolitan district in England. It is a predominantly rural area, with over half of the population living in dispersed rural communities, and only three towns with populations over 10,000 people.

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Our Community

Our Community

The East Riding of Yorkshire

  • Has a higher number of older people with this increasing faster than the national average

  • Has lower levels of benefit claimants than both the national and regional averages

  • Has an income that is above average

  • Has coronary heart disease, stroke and cancers as the major causes of death.


Below are some of the results from the recent health and social care questionnaires by the Citizen's Panel which showed that in terms of independent living:

20.8% of respondents

20.8% said they would contact social services about how to live independently

85% of respondents

85% of respondents would prefer support to be offered in their own home or accomodation

23% Would visit GP

23% would visit their GP to find out about support to live independently

47% of respondents

47% of respondents had experience of needing support to live independently or had a relative who needed support

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